Prayer for Those Affected by the Impacts of Climate Change

Father to the fatherless, caretaker of the widow, we cry out to you now for mercy. Lord, even as you heard the groans and cries of your people when they were slaves in Egypt, hear now the cries of your peoples who languish under the effects of climate change.

O Holy Spirit, friend to the broken and downtrodden, let not a moment pass where you do not attend to their pain and suffering with all your goodness and strength. You are their help and their salvation, their provider and their sustainer. In your mercy, turn back the tides of climate change and its disastrous effects on the poor in our world.

Grant also that we may remember them continually in prayer, thought, word and deed as we partner with you to labor for their comfort and relief.

For the glory of your name and the coming of your kingdom. Amen.

Use at your Day of Prayer event:

Click Image Below to Download as a Powerpoint


Header Photo Credit:
“In Malawi’s highlands” by Deutsche Welle / Thomas Mandlmeier used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

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