Sample Ideas for Prayer Events

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On Campuses:

  1. Host a special prayer and worship service on campus.
  2. Organize a “See You At The Pole” style prayer meeting around the flag pole or a central landmark at your school/college/university.
  3. Organize a climate prayer vigil; set up a prayer chapel/room and sign people up to pray there continuously for 1/2hr-1hr time slots for a full day.
  4. Include climate action as part of the prayer time if your campus has weekly chapel services.
  5. On Christian campuses, recruit professors willing to dedicate 5min of prayer/devotional time focused on climate action at the beginning of their class.
  6. Set up a table in a public area and hand out climate prayer request to folks who stop by and commit to praying during the day (and keep track of how many folks sign up to pray!).

In Churches:

  1. Hold a church-wide prayer meeting during an evening or over a combined Sunday School hour.
  2. Have small groups focus on praying for climate action during their regular meeting times.
  3. Include climate action as part of the congregational prayer time during Sunday worship.
  4. Plan a climate action and prayer focus for the weekly youth group/college group/young adult group meeting.

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